July 15, 2019

The Commish Picks

   Justin & The Commish return to form for drafting in partnership in a recent edition of the FFPC's Football Guys Championship.

   The bar opened to an announcement by Fetch that Michael Thomas "might be there" and to our delight the Saints prolific pass catcher was grabbed with the 12th spot. In pre draft prep The Commish would not not be deterred in a 3 RB run and after much debate Cook, Freeman, & Jacobs were added to the roster.

   Justin & The Commish could not come to an agreement in the 12th round but "it may be our night" became a theme after the auto draft provided us with the future Hall of Famer Drew Brees.

Five brews in Fetch still contributes with late draft advice, that is impressive.

On a night filled with football we walked away satisfied with our effort. Now we turn to our KFFSC audience for review...

Do the Commish & Justin stand a chance?


All this and more in this week's podcast...

The KFFSC celebrates Independence Day with our latest podcast recorded in the early morning hours of the 4th of July.

Fetch and Justin joined the Commish and our trio opened the bar and returned to the Jameson with  assorted beers for Fetch .
A less than laudatory review is offered up by our experts in examination of an FFPC Football Guys effort by the Commish and partnered drafter C. Dodd Harris. Player values are aggressively discussed with Jarvis Landry settled on as the bargain of the draft.
Trades from existing Dynasty teams are discussed leading to greater understanding of Amari Cooper and Davante Adams upside 
The Commish celebrates the success of the early classic drafts while shamelessly hawking future opportunities . Fetch and Justin agree to expand drafting territories. 
Shout outs throughout are  offered to Bob & Trevor Ward who return to conquer the Auctions, Brian Domville checks in and returns to competition in Cincinnati, Ralph Schivan is celebrated for his 185 drafts in 2019 ,  all this and more as we celebrate our Independence in 2019 !!!!!
June 28, 2019

Summer Solstice Podcast

Fetch and Ferrell critique all drafters with special intensity applied to Justin McCord who picked from the sixth spot. Justin responded favorably to the pressure while applying his patented cheekiness and comic genius.
  • Fetch blasts Buffalo Bills, although brings 20 buffalo wings to the delight of the Commish, McCord allocated one wing.
  • Justin continues crush on Hunter Henry.
  • For the first time in her storied fantasy football life, 2010 KFFSC Champion Kimra selects Aaron Rodgers as her QB.
  • Fetch pays homage to Jim Cole despite D.J. Moore pick.
  • The Commish has a crystal ball when it comes to Bobby Butterfield.
  • Fryin Pan Inc's Petri & Larson monopolize mid round RB's to great reviews.
All this and much more on this weeks KFFSC podcast click, the links above or below to listen.

   Justin & Fetch combine drafting skills out of the five spot. Joined by some of the KFFSC's most gifted drafters, will they sink or swim in these shark infested waters.


The Commish, Fetch, and Justin return to review two more AFC divisions. The most recent KFFSC Classic draft board is given a look and the Commish announces the biggest news yet for the KFFSC Main Event. 

This weeks marathon pod cast covers the entire 20 Round Big Game Week classic draft recorded live. Now made available in it's full unedited glory including among other things,

  • Fetch is fantastically foiled in slowing Jim Cole ....
  • Justin rips one liners at such a pace that our podcast drafting duo almost forgets that Quarterbacks are players too...
  • The Commish brags on Bobby "Bama " Butterfield  to the point of exhaustion.
  • Bobby Sangerman becomes the robber baron of 12th Street
  • Petri & Larson show the true meaning of partner support by avoiding Cole Beasley
  • Johnny Lincoln continues his strong ancillary play by drafting name brand players across the board gotta love Johnny's QB's 
  • Mike Mattingly perfectly picks rookie pass catchers, Commish champions this move.
  • Ryne Smith pulls the trigger on an early QB circles matchup vs McCord & Fetch
  • Rick Ross drafts a player named Elliott, Commish claims he has already won.
  • Anne Paddock goes zero RB  secures 330 catches in her first four picks then drafts pass catching backs Commish predicts she is likely to measure all the boys for a skirt on her way to the Winners Circle
  • Rookies Ralph Schivon and Mike Miller show well, building playoff teams that crush our experts expectations.

all this and a cameo in studio with Rich Bates in the house, burning through the bar in this weeks KFFSC PODCAST! 

SUNDAY 5/26/19 9PM EST

May 16th 

   Our trio discusses the first Draftmaster of the season with  Fetch and Justin finding fault and vocalizing disparaging commentary on the performance of KFFSC league mates. 
The Commish deftly directs the crew back to a more respectful and dignified review of the NFC North and East divisions. All eyes point to Minnesota winning the North while Fetch asserts that Cousins and Cook will outperform draft position.  Agreement on a Championship in the East could not be achieved as Ferrell leans to the Cowboys , Fetch falls in place with Philly and Justin poured another Jameson.
   The Commish  congratulates many owners who have signed up for teams and reflects on the 99 days till we hit Caesars for the live events.
Justin and Fetch, aching for a fight, announce a partnership in next Wednesdays Classic Draft slated for May 22, 930pm 2 openings remain, don't be a wish I had. A great chance to take on our experts! 
All this and more in this weeks KFFSC PODCAST.
The crew looks at the Over /Under win total for and evaluates the teams in the NFC South and West.
Fetch contends that Carolina will underperform and that Cam Newton's health is a bigger question mark than some might expect.
The Commish believes in Jimmy G and claims all Niners enjoy a fantasy up tick in 2019, especially Kittle, predicting wise drafters elevate Kittle to the number two TE. 
The Trio agrees that Arizona will be challenged to compete but have mixed opinions on David Johnson's value.
The bar is open, the Commish attempts a poor impression of league member Jimmie Johnson, Justin "Cinderella" Mccord explains car insurance savings and the Fetch drinks more than somewhat. The crew this one and the upcoming weekly shows as we count down the days..... 90 days to the online main event drafting begins, 100 days to Cincinnati Jack Casino and 105 days to the Horseshoe. 
Hope to see everyone there , sign on at KFFSC.COM and choose your teams! 

Our Easter week podcast welcomes back our vacationing co hosts McCord and Fetcher. Conversation centers around the newly released NFL schedule with special attention to the FOUR teams that have week 12 byes. Bargain Quarterbacks, Tight Ends, and a recent FFPC draft forms the foundation for this weeks review... 

All this and more in this week's KFFSC podcast. 

The Commish hosts Fetch and Justin on this late March Madness evening. The bar is flowing and so are the predictions of fantasy relevance for this years crop of Free Agents. Justin confirms his status as a comic genius, Rasta Rob surprises by announcing a family trip to Jamaica and the Commish is just pleased to be back in the Bluegrass. 

All this and more in this weeks KFFSC podcast! 

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