Justin McCord and Rob Fetcher join the Commish for the second episode of the KFFSC season. The trio take an in depth look back at Fridays Fiesta. The Commish ponders why Adam Thelen continues to drop to the late third and even fourth round of drafts with the departure of fellow pro bowler  Diggs. Fetch asserts the Vikings only wish to rush the ball but perhaps we see a return to 2018's 10 Thelen targets per contest.

Fetch drafted a strong team in this contest and makes a strong case for his seventh road pick of Tyler Boyd.

Justin returns to Big Valentine's draft and demands an explanation to a certain Saints QB/WR/ TE taken by Fetch in the 17th .

The crew celebrates a full weekend of drafting, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Williamson are assured the bar is open, the Frying Pan Inc boys from the home office in Marshall, Illinois are present, and more...

 The Commish and Rob Fetcher return to the mic just in time to announce five new drafts this week. Fetch and Ferrell talk about all the comings and goings of the first week of Free Agency and celebrate the NFL's new CBA allowing both players and owners to take part in growing the league we love to greater heights. 
In addition to the $39 Draftmaster leagues we debuted over the weekend we've added a $59 Draftmaster with a larger cash prize pool for those looking to get a little more bang for their buck. 
   This Sunday March 29th the Victory Classic kicks off at 8:00 PM ET. These classic leagues provide season long managed contests to those seeking the advantage of an early draft. Both the Draftmaster and the Classic leagues hold substantial value in preparing drafters for the Live Main Events come August. Not only providing the most up to date ADP but allowing drafters to set trends in motion instead of just watching as they happen.
   All this and so much more...

November 23, 2019

2019 Playoffs Have Arrived

The Trio goes deep in discussing all that you need to know during KFFSC playoff season.

The Commish, Fetch, and Justin reconvene to praise the KFFSC owners who have finished strong and now turn their sights to the divisonal playoffs.  Fetch has picked up Antonio Brown for some reason and the Commish debates Brady vs Prescott among others.  Justin has high praise and allegations for Frying Pan Inc and we close out the podcast with a tribute to the team that has led the KFFSC from wire to wire through the regular season.

November 7, 2019

The Hiatus Is Over!

The Commish, Fetch, and Pops McCord return to the KFFSC Podcast with a full review of this weeks games. Fetch is famously pushing the Bills in this weeks matchup and the emerging RB Singletary. Ferrell, never a fan of J. Winston supports the Bucs QB as a week 10 starter over many other "safer" picks. 

Pops does not participate in Fetch Again and soberly picks the Rams Gurley to pace RB scorers this week.
Fetch has the audacity to mention Ryan Tannehill and is immediately shouted down...
The Commish chastises Fetch for his losing ways, takes both experts down memory lane on Allen over Brady and is pleased to mention numerous KFFSC standouts in this, our first November offering of the KFFSC PODCAST!

   The trio of Fetch, Justin, & The Commish welcome Rich Bates to a raucous late night recording leading up to Thursday Night kickoff...

   The crew reviews the competitors and personal lineup choices in week six that led to near misses and in one case an actual TIE score from Fetch.

The week six BYE teams (Chicago, Indianapolis, Buffalo, and Oakland) return to the schedule and lineups league wide.

   The crew seems very high on Bills RB Devin Singletary while running away from any support for David Montgomery. Will TY Hilton affirm his ownership of Houston, The Commish says yes but others are unsure. All agree that Raider RB Josh Jacobs will continue newly discovered Raider rushing success.

   With Jameson delivered by Big Daddy Sam, the crew has ample ammunition to play "Fetch Again" and off we ride into the early morning hours of week seven's preview.

   Fetch, Justin, and The Commish provide a full review of the NFL week six schedule along with a recap of action in the KFFSC Main Event. Our crew reviews the fantastic individual scores from week five. Fetch is AGAIN chastised for his Diggs over Thielen stance... He quickly pivots to discuss the Colts big win over the Chiefs.

   The Commish lauds Mike Mattingly who correctly predicted the ascension of Byron Pringle in July. Justin, collegiately attired in a navy blue sweater, awakens to give excellent commentary across broad topics including his unfettered devotion to Austin Ekeler.

   Fetch fires barbs at Justin's sweater choice but the Champ stands strong throughout the podcast eventually winning the "Fetch Again" drinking game. Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Williamson are recognized

   The Bar Is Open AND so is registration for Bluegrass Bound & Big Payback Play In!

October 5, 2019

KFFSC Week 5 Prieview

Fetch celebrates a victory over arch nemesis Jim Cole. The bar is opened with Jameson Caskmates Black Label and the "Fetch Again" play along at home drinking game is officially on... 

While keeping a close eye on the Rams and Seahawks our trio reviews the full schedule of week 5 games. We announce a new format for Bluegrass Bound and celebrate the top ten. All this and more in tonights show.
September 26, 2019

Again & Again | Evans & Waller

  • Fantastic Fetch {F}hrasing creates KFFSC Podcast play along at home drinking game, McCord & Ferrell compete live and again... Justin Wins.
  • Fetch finalizes any talk of a Kurt Cousins comeback.
  • What happened to Keke Coutee and does anyone still care?
  • The Commish spends his entire FAAB budget on Wayne Gallman after rejecting thoughts of handcuffing in weeks two and three.
  • KFFSC players do same as successful bids run from $300-$700 plus across several divisions for the Giant RB who starts vs the Redskins in week 4.
  • Justin reviews FPI's stunningly successful Buckeye Division roster while preparing his team for a week 10 matchup vs our league points leader.
  • Fetch predicts Denver wide outs to run over the Jags secondary with Ramsey otherwise engaged.
  • Justin leads the trio in a unanimous prediction that Lamar Jackson torches the Browns while Mayfield continues to struggle.
  • The Commish suggests that Waller deserves to be counted with Ertz and Kelce as a top TE and no one debates.
  • Mike Evans will do battle with the Rams in week four, a must start as we consider this player matchup proof.

The bar is open, Jimmie Johnson & Kevin Williamson are notified and off we go into a late night review of all things KFFSC in this weeks podcast.

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