Fetch, Justin, and the Commish are back at the bar and full of opinions. Baltimore is flying high with the bright lights of Hollywood Brown and the sure hands of Mark Andrews, the trio expects more of the same. The explosive offense in Kansas City has produced almost too many players to choose from, our crew breaks down who will separate themselves from the troupe. Special attention is given to the Thursday night matchup between the Titans and Jaguars, what can you expect if you drafted Leonard Fournette.
   Borrowing the team name of our beloved Travis Cox, subpar performances in week two from McCaffrey, Kamara, Smith-Schuster, Cousins, Thielen, Rodgers, and Devonte Freeman are discussed. The crew believes that most will return to form in week three with the biggest opportunity going to Kamara as he carries the Saints future while awaiting Brees return.

  • Justin discovers a new song.
  • Fetch celebrates Sammy Watkins.
  • The Commish struggles with the podcast schedule.
  • Kentucky players invade the FFPC, McCord tops all currently in 19th place.

All this and more in tonight's podcast.

Justin, Fetch & The Commish join for the first post live event podcast on Wednesday night. The bar is open with salutes to Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Williamson, and the entire league who participated in making the 2019 drafts an "exceptional experience" as reported by our co hosts.

  • Fetch & Justin begin to relive the weekend, Justin wishes for more time there, finally confesses that auctions are fun.
  • Fetch considers an exorcism to handle the stress of drafting with Jim Cole.
  • Both experts turn their attention to upcoming drafts by the Commish in Las Vegas at the FFPC. The Commish has a third and fourth pick and is eyeing Kamara & Hopkins to get the ball rolling Fetch and Justin's advice could prove to be the key element for the Commish and may push his chances over the top.

   Justin and Fetch team once again, as  this time they compete in the recently drafted Crazy 9's. The August 15th draft featured our 28 round best ball format rewarding our Champion with a seat at Big Payback 2020. 

   The Commish played peace keeper as our pundits discussed players holding little affection for dissenting opinions. 
   In Texas Jamey Cox reported late and the auto pick rewarded his tardiness with running backs Elliott and Gordon. 
   Jim Cole was sidelined for this draft but perhaps he dispatched Mark Salinas to frustrate Robbie Fetcher. The Salinas TE stack was a thing of beauty! 
Tonights Podcast joined the draft in the seventh round. The Commish directed commentary to the double digit rounds in an effort to unearth sleepers. We stay through all 28 rounds in this mid week marathon! 
August 13, 2019

Pundits Prevaricate

   Fetch & Justin express opinions but perhaps do not expose personal strategies as Main Event Live approaches. The duo joins the Commish in opening the bar and gllases are raised in celbration of our second Online Main Event draft the Wishbone. A full cast of draft review follows.


   Fetch, Justin & The Commish burn through the bourbon on Main Event eve. Toasting into the early morning hours of August 8th.
   Fetch & Justin argue the draft position slide of Zeke Elliott vs. the upside of Tony Pollard, rookie RB from the University of Memphis. Fetch is enamored by the Pollard prospect while Justin supports belief in Zeke remaining a top pick in Thursday's Bootleg Division draft. The Commish believes in a possible long holdout for Zeke but many questions remain...
   Justin has developed cold feet when it comes to Antonio Brown while the Commish patiently awaits (still waiting) his experts to review the effect on other Raider pass catchers if Brown misses time.

The Commish and Justin T. McCord review fantasy news from the opening of Training Camp. The broadcast is enhanced by a special guest appearance from KFFSC Veteran C. Dodd Harris. 

Here is the scoop...

    • Justin holds a grudge against Sony Michel that will last thru August.
    • C Dodd fails to embrace new Raider RB Josh Jacobs and joins Justin in celebrating another Crimson Tide rookie who may be worth lengthy consideration.
    • Justin Trusts his drafting skill set and expands his territory with an additional Main Event team in Cincinnati
    • C. Dodd expounds on his preparation methods for his rookie season in the Big Payback.
    • FFPC drafters should take note, both experts say Kittle crashes.
    • Ferrell sends a shoutout to vacationing Robbie Fetcher (Ferrell doesn't believe in vacations), because after all we're not trying to win the Blue Bonnet Bowl


All this and more in this week's podcast.


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   This KFFSC Podcast originates from Sunday Night's Dynasty Draft as Rob Fetcher puts together a roster under great pressure.

   Forces working against Fetch include an Ancient Telephone, a balky Spectrum internet connection, and considerable heckling from co-host Justin McCord.

   Main Event players can review the current rankings of Rookies from Sunday evening's board.

   Eric Balkman jumped on Raider Josh Jacobs followed by James Bednar who scooped up Damien Williams, surprisingly available in free agency. 

After draft festivities include the following;

  • The Commish continues to to hammer Fetch on his favorite Buffalo Bills especially Cole Beasley
  • Justin states all the things he fears at the Main Event.
  • The crew agrees that Bednar, Lincoln, Carey & Fox, and Balkman improved their teams.

   The Crew concludes our broadcast with a marathon discussion on last year's top 24 RB's & WR's by fantasy point production. The Crew predicts Who will move in, and who will move out of the Top-12. In this segment we discover Fetch predicts Adam Thielen will fall off the table in production and become Adam Humphries.

All this and more in tonight's episode...

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July 15, 2019

The Commish Picks

   Justin & The Commish return to form for drafting in partnership in a recent edition of the FFPC's Football Guys Championship.

   The bar opened to an announcement by Fetch that Michael Thomas "might be there" and to our delight the Saints prolific pass catcher was grabbed with the 12th spot. In pre draft prep The Commish would not not be deterred in a 3 RB run and after much debate Cook, Freeman, & Jacobs were added to the roster.

   Justin & The Commish could not come to an agreement in the 12th round but "it may be our night" became a theme after the auto draft provided us with the future Hall of Famer Drew Brees.

Five brews in Fetch still contributes with late draft advice, that is impressive.

On a night filled with football we walked away satisfied with our effort. Now we turn to our KFFSC audience for review...

Do the Commish & Justin stand a chance?


All this and more in this week's podcast...

The KFFSC celebrates Independence Day with our latest podcast recorded in the early morning hours of the 4th of July.

Fetch and Justin joined the Commish and our trio opened the bar and returned to the Jameson with  assorted beers for Fetch .
A less than laudatory review is offered up by our experts in examination of an FFPC Football Guys effort by the Commish and partnered drafter C. Dodd Harris. Player values are aggressively discussed with Jarvis Landry settled on as the bargain of the draft.
Trades from existing Dynasty teams are discussed leading to greater understanding of Amari Cooper and Davante Adams upside 
The Commish celebrates the success of the early classic drafts while shamelessly hawking future opportunities . Fetch and Justin agree to expand drafting territories. 
Shout outs throughout are  offered to Bob & Trevor Ward who return to conquer the Auctions, Brian Domville checks in and returns to competition in Cincinnati, Ralph Schivan is celebrated for his 185 drafts in 2019 ,  all this and more as we celebrate our Independence in 2019 !!!!!
June 28, 2019

Summer Solstice Podcast

Fetch and Ferrell critique all drafters with special intensity applied to Justin McCord who picked from the sixth spot. Justin responded favorably to the pressure while applying his patented cheekiness and comic genius.
  • Fetch blasts Buffalo Bills, although brings 20 buffalo wings to the delight of the Commish, McCord allocated one wing.
  • Justin continues crush on Hunter Henry.
  • For the first time in her storied fantasy football life, 2010 KFFSC Champion Kimra selects Aaron Rodgers as her QB.
  • Fetch pays homage to Jim Cole despite D.J. Moore pick.
  • The Commish has a crystal ball when it comes to Bobby Butterfield.
  • Fryin Pan Inc's Petri & Larson monopolize mid round RB's to great reviews.
All this and much more on this weeks KFFSC podcast click, the links above or below to listen.

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